A Quick Trip to NYC With Domio

After Miami Kylee, Payton, and I flew to NYC where Domio put us up in one of their amazing apartments. Honesty amazing is an understatement considering this place would be the shit in a random town in the midwest, let alone NYC. I’m talking 4 stories, rooftop access, multiple patios and fire escapes, 4 bedrooms, too many bathrooms to count, a huge kitchen. Like insane. We were so spoiled.

The first day we had an early flight and if you read my last post you know, things weren’t great. So when we landed we went straight to the apartment where I stripped all of my clothing and passed the fuck out. It rained all day and my room had a sky light so I got to listen to the little droplets while peacefully sleeping knowing all I was missing was a very wet New York. The rest of the week was spent enjoying the city, seeing friends, going to some meetings, workouts, etc. We basically acted like we lived there and carried on with our normal routine which is soooo rare considering this was my first trip to NY not during fashion week in 4 years. Made me fall even harder for it. That and how much we were embraced. So many people reached out to hook us up at their restaurant, or their gym, or rooftop. It was so insane because we get none of this in LA. Anywho new goal in life is to have 2 cute ass apartments in LA and NY that I can rent out while I bebop back and forth and all around the globe.

Shop my NYC outfits below (rainbow striped shirt is High End Hippie Vintage)XOXO