Desert Trip with Brics

A couple days after we got back from NYC Payton and I road tripped to the desert with Mina, Lexi, Allysa, and Jami to partner with Bric’s and stay at the Miramonte. The resort was incredible. It was it’s own little oasis in the middle of the desert with 2 amazing pools, the nicest staff I’ve ever met, lemon and lime trees everywhere, and the freshest, healthiest food. We were all in heaven, 115 degree weather or not. We’re dying to stay there for Coachella. Truly can’t wait to go back.

While we were there we also shot a little campaign for Bric’s. If you haven’t heard of them they’re Milano based and have the best/cutest luggage. I got the pink set but it didn’t get here in time so I was just using the weekender. I’m actually doing a giveaway with them at the moment as well so head here to enter! Ends Monday 8/6.

Shop my outfits and our luggage below! XOXO