I have to say this was my most mellow fashion week so far. Idk if it was because of the rain, the fact that I had a very crippled Moo with me, or that I finally learned how to manage my time and prioritize but it was a very different pace. I normally end the week with at least one panic attack and sleep for days when I get home but neither of those things happened. Is it weird it makes me feel like it was less productive? I know I should be proud I took care of myself and such but I can’t help it.

Sage, Payton, and I shared a hotel room in Soho for a solid 10 days. It was marvelous. We basically just all hung out and enjoyed NYC together and sprinkled in some events, shows, and shooting. I brought Moo because while I was in Napa the weekend before she decided to try to jump up on a glass top table to get her treats while my friend was watching her. Basically the table tipped and after an x-ray we learned she tore her little ACL. I didn’t want her to have surgery while I was gone and I didn’t want to leave her again so I brought her. Shout out to Sage and Payton for always putting up with shit like this. I am truly all over the place.

Shop the fashion week looks I was able to tag below and check out all my piccys. Kimono is High End Hippie Vintage btw! XOXO