If you follow me or any of the girls I went to Mexico with ( Sage, Payton, Jordan, Kylee, and Claudia)  you know very well that we spent a week at The Thompson Playa del Carmen a couple weeks ago. We did very little relaxing and A LOT of drinking and shooting. Which for me and everyone else I was with is very ideal. I get super overwhelmed after a trip if I get zero work done so it’s so nice to shoot enough content to have a few makeup free days (or a week) catching up on computer work at home. Which is precisely what I’ve been doing since I got back. It’s been raining so you can’t judge. Anyway we had all been wanting to get together for a little getaway that wasn’t fashion week or a revolve trip so this was truly a treat. The setup of The Thompson (as well as the staff) was so nice.  It is the cutest little boutique hotel in the middle of the city. So during the day we would walk around and go to the little vendors or get street tacos and such. That’s really the only time we would venture off of the properties to be honest- when we were walking from the main building to the beach house. The beach house had another pool and beach access as well as tequila tastings at 6pm so needless to say we spent a lot of time there. It was so nice to get together with a bunch of my friends (that also happen to be woman I respect in the industry) to just vent and talk about everything; life, what’s working and what’s not, the devil that is instagram, and just learn from one another while we hang out, drink, and work a little. SO good for the soul to surround yourself with smart, like minded, motivated people.

Scroll below for all ridiculousness. PS I linked everything I could below but I did wear a lot of High End Hippie Vintage (up on the site to shop now) because none of the stuff I ordered got to me in time (you can find all of that linked on my boutique page). XOXO