… Juicy!!! Which is only appropriate considering the comeback of quirky nineties/early 2000’s trends and the worlds current obsession with athleisure. I am all about it. I honestly have never not been about it considering I still have a pair of their black velour pants (with the pockets, super fancy) that I wear on the reg. I remember just going into Saks when I was bored and day dreaming about owning every color. I got close over time honestly. Knew I should have kept it all. Anywho I just want to take a moment to appreciate Juicy Couture and all that it stood for back in the day. They really did it. You cannot even think about that period of time in pop culture without picturing one young drunk celebrity sporting a full sweatsuit with exposed extensions (and thong), starbucks and sidekick in hand. So iconic.

Now I want to acknowledge how they are coming back with a BANG. Go browse the site to see for yourself but basically they’ve done an amazing job of staying true to the Juicy Couture style but are also very current and elevated. I wanted to wear the OG velour sweatsuit for the post but I also snagged this workout set and these sweatpants. SO good. Also you might want to know theres a little sale going on. Shop below. The rest of the look is tagged throughout my boutique page ps! XOXO

Wearing Juicy Couture: Jacket | Pants |