Bali was seriously the adventure of a lifetime. Especially considering I went into it blind as a bat. All I did was book my flight and tour guide Kylee basically did the rest. Payton and I didn’t even know what cities we were going to when we got on the plane. Like most things, I like to go to new places pretty blind, which can cause quite a lot of trouble so it was a treat and a half to have a perfectly planned out trip where I wasn’t figuring everything out with trial and error.

After the 24 hours of travel ( that really just feels like time travel if you medicate yourself correctly) we met Kylee in at The Udaya in Ubud and had our first balinese massages. This was truly magical timing considering my ankles looked like I was 9 months pregnant post flight. It got all the circulation flowing again. This was also the place I was first introduced to Nasi Gorgeng which is Indonesias version of fried rice. Except its way less heavy and eaten at every meal, especially breakfast. I truly lived off of it. (side-note: Payton was going to pay me $1,000 to get it tattooed on me and I was 1 million percent game but the day of our appointment I got Bali Belly so needless to say I didn’t make it.) The next day we went to monkey forest on our way to our first villa, Eden Residence in Seminyak. We were truly treated like queens and kings here. We had our own pool, rooftop, staff, etc. We had breakfast served to us every morning. I felt like a millionaire because everything is so affordable over there. We spent the most time in Seminyak and the other half of our time in there was spent at the Victoria Villas. There we learned to surf, swing on the infamous swings, went to Potato Head, took rose baths,  spent a full day at Finns Beach Club, went to a temple, spent another day at Omnia, went to Strawberry Fields (the cutest restaurant in the land), etc. Our last city was Canggu where we stayed at the Villa Nedine here we mainly just laid out naked and relaxed since it was the end of our trip and we were soooo obsessed with the villa. We did go to the coolest beach side restaurant, La Brisa a few times. This is also where I was sick so I missed about a day and a half of the excitement but I’d be lying if I said I was mad about losing all the Nasi Goreng weight I gained. Long story short, go to Bali. I have been telling everyone this. Watch Bali flight deals and put it on your bucket list and until then enjoy all my pics below. XOXO

 Again, I’m wearing a lot of High End Hippie Vintage and the rest of what I could tag is below. XOXO