My Festival BFF: Let’s Talk CBD

Festivals are crazy enough but add on helping style people at a gifting suite, all the over the top events and parties going on, the collaborations I had to shoot, annnnd trying to enjoy myself/get my moneys worth out of my ticket and it’s enough to make the chillest person anxious. You can literally go to coachella and still get fomo because you’re missing 3 other bands you want to see and 4 unreal parties. I get so much anxiety leading up especially going into the weekend with a huge to do list and so many different responsibilities, and lets be honest I don’t make this easier on myself because your girl still likes to party and socialize. So my actual best friend for festivals is Sunday Scaries

I had them on me at all times… Like I made room in my tiny purses to make sure I could pop 1 or 2 when I needed to. There are so many moving parts and so many people you’re with that you don’t want to leave but have different plans and priorities that it just gets crazy. CBD helps me just chill out and not get too overwhelmed & Sunday Scaries make it so easy for me because it’s high quality CBD in a yummy convenient little gummy. So ideal.

I highly recommend you trying these and if you do use code HIPPIE10 for a little off. For those new to CBD here are a few of the other benefits besides anxiety relief: relieves pain, lowers inflammation, decreases chronic pain, improves mood disorders, aids gut health, helps sleep disorders, and so much more. Hope this helps you all! Let me know if you have any other questions!! XOXO