Miami Swim Week Round 2

We went to Miami Swim Week for round 2 this year. I don’t know how last year didn’t scare us off but I guess our love for Miami outweighs the heat and craziness. This year we went with Dermalogica and stayed at 1 hotel, a place I have been dyingggg to stay at.  They’re a green hotel so they are environmentally friendly in every way, down to the room keys being wood. They also have a little water filter dispenser in the room to refill your water bottles. Truly heaven for someone who normally just drinks sink water to avoid a plastic bottle. You should know by now this stuff is veryyyy important to me so I always like to support anyone going the extra mile to help protect our earth.  Basically the week consisted of lots of events, some swim shows, a lot of facials (thanks dermalogica), and some play. I always love an excuse to have a work and play trip with my out of town blogger friends. It was SO fun having everyone together because it only happens a couple times a year. Enjoy the pics and shop my looks below. XOXO