This was my first time in Florence! It’s funny because I had heard a handful of people say they don’t really like Florence but I honestly loved it. I also think I just like all of Italy though (minus the touristy parts of Rome of course). You just can’t beat the food, architecture, wine, people, weather, shopping, etc. Plus we had a really cute Airbnb and that always helps. We spent a good 5 days there (which I was annoyed of at first because everyone had told me it’s small and boring but that was not the case) so we got to relax and space our days out a little more. To my surprise Florence had amazinggggg vintage. I got some of my favorite pieces there so I highly recommend making time for that if you go. Check out all my recs and pics below. I’ll link the tripdoc again here for all the places I didn’t get to try. XOXO



Piazza Di Santo Spirito – Get the truffle gnocchi.

La Milkeria – two words. Iced coffee. A rarity in Europe.

Shake Cafe – Fresh & healthy food options & iced coffee.

Tamarindo Jucery – Yummy juices and iced coffee (lol)

All’Antico Vinaio – Famous sandwich shop that people wait in line for. I didn’t like it though because I’m not into dried meet like that. I’m just a plain turkey girl on my sammys. 

Secret Baker behind Red Bar – WE NEVER FOUND IT. But it’s a late night bakery that you’re supposed to smell your way to lol.


What to do:

Gucci Museum 

Bring wine to Michelangelo Plaza for Sunset

Take a pasta making class (we booked through Airbnb experience)

Go out to The Lions Fountain Irish Pub for a college bar vibe.

Boboli Gardens



Street Doing Vintage Couture

Desii Vintage 

Santo Spirito

Recollection by Albrici 

Melrose Vintage Alinari