Paris in the Summer – Guide

The first of many travel guides to come from our little Euro adventure. I’m allowed to call it that because we literally all booked one way flights to Paris and figured it out as we went… super interesting. This time around I asked for your recs in every city we went to which was truly just the dreamiest for us because we were CONSTANTLY making decisions while we were there (where are we going next? How are we getting there? Where are we staying? How long?, etc) so I would put all of your recommendations in my tripDoc (A travel app I’ve had since my first trip to Europe so I have a lot of good shit in there, highly recommend) and then look at what was around us whenever we were hungry. It truly made all the difference so I’m going to share in hopes that you can just pull this up when you’re in Europe and get to make one less decision! Plus they don’t really use yelp or anything and they definitely don’t update it so we went to a tonnnnn of places that didn’t even exist anymore but said it was still open online. 

First off I have to say I had zero idea that the city of Paris shuts down during the month of August. Half of the places we wanted to go were closed for the month. Total bummer but obviously we will be back so it’s not the end of the world but just be aware of that when planning. 

We stayed in the at an Airbnb. We always Airbnb because it ends up being about half the cost. Plus you don’t always need all the amenities when you’re gone all day like we were. 

Vintage Shop/Areas: 

Vintage Desir

Thanx God I’m VIP

Paris Flea Market

Le Cafe Qui Parle

Kilo Shop: have a bunch all over town


Celia Darling Vintage

Vintage Paris: Great high-end pieces.

Come on Eileen: designer vintage heaven at GOOD prices. Have to do a lot of digging but very worth it. We all found some gems there including this pair of Gucci kitten heals.

Chinemachine: have a few locations

Espace Kiliwatch

Domain National du Palais-Royal

L’object Qui Parle



Wild & The Moon: this was our coffee/juice spot every morning.

Holybelly: known for their eggs and their pancakes. So good.

Blueberry: Supposed to be the best sushi in Paris but it was closed for the month. Everyone says to get the truffle roll.

Chez Alain Miam Miam: Hole in the wall sandwich shop that is such an experience

Le Brebant: best truffle risotto of my LIFE. Also, cutest atmosphere.

Hotel Costes: SO cute. I don’t like cheesecake and Payton and Megan wouldn’t share but apparently it’s a must have.

Benedict: Good eggs benedict (imagine that).

Season: Healthy restaurant (few and far between in Europe).


What to do:

Picnic and wine in front of the Eiffel Tower: Self explanatory. So cute. 

Palace of Versailles: Go early so you can see Marie Antoinettes room and the hall of mirrors and such then spend your afternoon by the lake in the garden. You can get some wine and a snack and then do a little boating. 

Pompidou: Museum with cool contemporary art and amazing views. 

Crazy Horse Cabaret: Kind of a newer age Burlesque show. So good. 

& stumble into vintage stores along the way!!!!