After Paris we went to Rome. No one really wanted to go there but it’s the easiest place to travel in and out of and it’s cheap. This is the only reason people go I assume. That and the architecture and stuff. Idk this was my second time there and I don’t really get why its sooooooo crowded. Not only does it make it less enjoyable it just confuses the hell out of me. I get that there’s a lot of history and such there but I just really wouldn’t even tell anyone to go there. Ya know? Idk the food is good though. We were only there a couple days but we tried a couple of the must haves. Recs are below as well as here! And please leave any and all of your recs on each of these posts! Always like to be prepared for the next trip!! XO



Dar Poeta: Crazy good pizza. Like really good. A must.

Osteria Trattoria da Fortunata: Amazing homemade pasta. They make it in front of you so you get the whole experience.

Pic Nic: Cute little cafe in the park. We split a bottle of wine and had some apps. Very cute and no tourists.



Some other recs we didn’t get to:

Giolitti: Supposably the best gelato in Rome (I’m not into gelato but wanted to share).



Hostaria Costanza


Grazia & Graziella


Ombre Rosse

La Travernetta 29

Traverna Trilussa


Trattoria de teo