We ended our trip in London, one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s  just so easy and gorgeous but still has so much character and sooooo many different areas with every different vibe. This is def the city of the trip I’m most familiar with and I actually already did a little guide here but obviously had much more to add after this trip and all your suggestions! I link the TripDoc here for the full list.

We stayed right by Kensington Gardens which is the most beautiful little park. This is how London is not like New York (people say it is, idk), this park is clean. It’s huge and just so peaceful. Geese all around and people having picnics and laying out. Also very safe. I ran in the park one day and just fell even deeper in love with the city. I literally saw people peacefully riding horses mid week day. So crazy. Anywho I highly suggest this area (I also stayed around here with my fam a couple years ago) orrrrr if ur trip is going to be more of a going out/vintage shopping sitch Shoreditch would be the vibe (that’s where people go out and where all the good vintage is). Kensington is just more central so it’s better if you’re going to be exploring all areas. 


Covet Garden – cute little stalls, restaurants, and some designer shopping. Always street performers and such and pretty clean as far as I remember. I stayed here for London fashion week with friends and it was a DREAM. 

Shoreditch- vintage shopping galore. Lots of good coffee shops and great nightlife for a chiller vibe. I’m sure they have clubs but the bars I’ve been to there are very cool outdoor vibes. Cheshire street has about 10 vintage shops. It’s heaven. 

Jubilee Gardens- cute area right next to the London Eye. Has a cool park and a carousel and food and drinks and such. 

Camden Market – way more touristy and crowded then it was the first time I went but still cute to go to eat or walk a little. Just try not to go on a weekend maybe? Idk but they have a million different food stalls so everyone gets what they want.


Dishoon- 1 billion of you told us to go here and for that I am thankful. Amazing Indian food. Make ressys.

Sketch – for high tea (have to do this at least once) make reservations.

Tattershell castle- Boat bar across from the London eye. V cute view. 

Flat Iron – for steak frites (it’s all they serve so u know it’s good).


Harrods- the first ever. This is a full experience. Block off 3+ hours of your day I’m not kidding. It is 6 or 7 floors of designer heaven. The shit you don’t see anywhere else. They also have the most amazing “cafeteria”; I can’t even call it that. More like a dining hall. Anywho it’s heaven on earth and low key so fun. The pizzeria is amazing too. The head chef sings opera. 

Brick Lane & Cheshire street in Shoreditch – basically 2 straight blocks of vintage. Just put in cereal killer cafe or House of vintage and walk around. It is a vintage shoppers dream. Just a full street of vintage shops. I don’t even need to give you all the names (although a lot are on the TripDoc).