I know it’s weird I’m doing an NYC vintage post when I don’t even have an LA one but I honestly just stick to the flea markets and Goodwill in LA so there ya have it. Here’s a round up of stores I’ve been suggested, stumbled upon, or found on IG. This will be one of those posts I consistently update as I go to more and more but at least wanted to give you all a place to start! I’m headed back to NY next week so expect an update sooner than later. Making it a goal to hit a handful of the stores I missed last trip. Please comment any of your favorites that aren’t on the list or let us know if any of these aren’t worth our time!

Also, I might as well just attach my NYC tripoc here so you can have the addresses and the rest of my recs. XOXO



New York Vintage- The Best but super expensive. Great rare designer pieces.



Eleven consignment

Treasures of NYC – AFFORDABLE DESIGNER. You heard that right. Follow them on IG if you don’t already.

A second chance

Julie’s vintage

What Goes Around Comes Around – classic and always has the most amazing designer pieces. More expensive though.

Tokio 7

Mr. Throwback

No Relation Vintage

Screaming Mimi’s

Star Struck Vintage



Monk Vintage – good cheap second hand store. Less curated, better deals.

Feng sway

Dobbin Street

The Break – Good prices!!

Consignment Brooklyn

Malin Landaeus

Amarcord vintage – so good. Have some designer pieces sprinkled in but it’s just so well curated. Doesn’t overwhelm you. There’s also another part in the back that’s kind of hidden.

L train vintage- Good prices!!

Awoke vintage – smaller selection. Also has some new stuff mixed in which I kind of hate. Good selection of vintage denim. Still a little more expensive than I’m used to at the flea.

Flamingo Vintage

10ft single by Stella Dallas – so big but very well organized. Some of it is a Teeny bit over priced for what it is but it’s true vintage so you’ll usually find something worth it. It also has another store Hecht next to it that has some home goods and higher priced items. Very good selection.

Fox & Fawn

Beacon’s Closet

Brooklyn Industries

Eleven Consignment