Since I was in Europe majority of August I had made zero plans for fashion week and honestly wasn’t even going to go. I was ready to be home for a second and catch up on everything but also know it’s important to go because this is where I want to continue to position myself in the industry; as a fashion blogger and stylist, not just a lifestyle blogger or influencer. That’s why maintaining these relationships with pr companies and designers is important, plus it helps with styling as well.

So to keep things cheap and easy my friend Molly said I could stay with her in Brooklyn AND bring Moo!! I honestly probably wouldn’t have gone if I couldn’t have brought moo because I just couldn’t leave the poor girl again (or is it that I just don’t like to be away from her? idk). Anywho because it was literally right after Europe I did zero outreach (usually I send hundreds of emails to let everyone I know that I’ll be in town and to include me in any invites they can) and just stuck to what I was invited to. This made the trip easy breezy because I wasn’t running all over the place and generally just had 3-5 things a day (a much needed pace after the drama of a month in Europe). Since I had more free time I actually got to explore Brooklyn! Something I haven’t really had time to do the last few years because I’m always in the city for work. Every single one of my friends that lives there tells me it’s where I belong and I cannot argue. It has everything I love, including a lottttt of vintage shopping that we’ll talk more about in my next post. Needless to say the trip was everything I needed and I am very glad I went. Enjoy all the pics and outfits. Most are High End Hippie Vintage ps.

Also shout out to my friend for hosting us at Patent Pending and Rezdora. You guys MUST hit up both next time you’re in the city. Such an experience.