Favorite Money Saving Travel Apps

I wanted to share some of my favorite little money saving travel apps that I keep in a folder! Please share any you guys have too!

Hopper: This is the first thing I check when I know I’m going on a trip. It lets you watch a city you want to fly to (you can choose certain dates as well) and it will tell you whether to book now or wait based on prices. It will also tell you if there are other dates that would be cheaper, etc. So helpful.

Skiplagged: Similar to hopper in some ways but this one has a lot of those hidden trips where your destination is the layover and you just skip the second flight. Perfect if you are down for a carry on. I was introduced to this during my Europe trip this summer and I’ve already used it a few times.

Orbitz: Book hotel and travel through here for points towards hotels. It adds up quickly when you book hotels honestly.

Freebird: This gives you money back on Ubers and Lyfts. Like I used it for maybe a week and got $10… v legit. Super easy and straight forward. Use code k548b

Airbnb: I know everyone knows about it but idk if people always realize how much cheaper it is than hotels.

Hotels Tonight: We used this (along with Airbnb obviously) in Europe since we didn’t plan ahead and booked things literally days before lol. So if that sounds like you you’ll be into it. Use code KRITCHIE34