I did a little q&a on stories the other day (saved in highlights if u missed) and I had a bunch of questions on fall trends. Since it won’t be cool here for a minute (and because I have very little free time to pre-plan content, I’m a shoot in the moment gal) I thought I’d round up and tag some pieces for you to grab.

As a surprise to literally no one I am still very into the chunky black shoes and pleated mini looks that have clearly caught on. What i will personally be adding to my repertoire though are sweater vests. I’m so into the look. Love anything that a grandpa would wear. I tagged some below but unfortunately they’re mainly fast fashion so I decided to source some for High End Hippie vintage. Keep your eyes peeled there for some true gold comin. I am also very into all of the layering going on, whether it’s an oxford shirt under a sweatshirt or a vest over a tee it’s all very chic to me. Layering is why I love fall and winter so much, you can do sooo much more with what you have. Other trends I’m seeing: leather blazers, hobo bags, patchwork, fluffy bucket hats, plastic aviators, cowboy boots, lots of plaid, fringe, baggy boyfriend jeans (don’t wear anything but them right now), chunky gold jewelry, cow print accessories, butterfly clips, etc. What are you guys most into for the fall? Would luv to hear.