Since my work has been so crazy this year any time I’ve gotten a few days off (which has been quite rare after the first lock-down) Jason and I try to get away just us two; And every time the first thing we do is open up the Airbnb app to see where we should road trip. Their app is everything to me lol (I LOVE good apps). It’s so easy to use and search through even when you don’t have a destination or exact date yet… which is just everything. Sometimes I just scroll and save places for the fun of it (we love the folder organization option here), I just really like seeing how people decorate and what kind of experiences they offer in each city! Big airbnb fan. 

Anyway, for this covid safe getaway we chose Joshua Tree because there is quite literally nowhere that you are further away from another soul than there lol. Plus the house had a hot tub andddd a bath so we had zero reason to leave regardless. We checked in (and by that I mean unlocked the door with the code given to us) opened a bottle of wine and went straight to the hot tub. This was basically our schedule the next 4 days subbing the wine out for beer sometimes and the hot tub out for the bath tub. Oh we also sprinkled a hike in there as well. Since it was the end of the year this is literally all we wanted (not to mention- could) do. Such a great safe little getaway. Highly recommend it if you’re going crazy and need a change of scenery. Orrrr if you’re looking for a gift or some time with your honey/besties. STAY SAFE THOUGH. Don’t be going too far!!

I’ll link this particular house below. XOXO

ps. there is great vintage shopping in and out of town from LA so keep yours eyes peeled while in Yucca Valley and such.

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This post was sponsored by Airbnb but all thoughts are my own obviously. A dream collaboration!!!!!