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It’s Just Not Farrah


stone cold fox farrah dress and skinny scarf

How great is this dress? Named very appropriately after Farrah Fawcett I have to assume. Stone Cold Fox always kills it but lately they’ve been incorporating more laid back vibes with their high quality fabric, clean lines, and unique patterns and I totally dig it. This dress is the perfect example because they added something as simple as bell sleeves to a baby-doll dress – unique but not too crazy that you can’t wear it over and over. To make it a little more my own I added this skinny scarf. If you haven’t noticed I’m totally obsessed with any and all neck accessory these days (here’s another skinny scarf outfit). Whether it’s a bandanna, a full scarf tied like a bandanna, or a skinny scarf I feel like they add a little more excitement and can escalate an outfit to be that much more interesting. I linked a bunch so you can try it out to fit your own style. Shop below (this dress comes in black as well as white btw). XOXO

Wearing: Stone Cold Fox Farrah Dress | Skinny Scarf | Hat | Converse |


stone cold fox farrah dress skinny scarf and converse

stone cold fox farrah dress and felt hat

Stone cold fox farrah dress alva print

converse and stone cold fox dress

black felt hat

stone cold fox dress and skinny scarf

skinny scarf stone cold fox dress and converse

stone colf fox farrah dress in alva print

Shot by: Meredith Braden

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